Have a nice day ,Bob.

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I love my mother

Dear Roberts,
My mother passed away on Saturday ,18th April (last week) I lost one person I loved so much since my childhood days. We had been very close. I phoned her every morning, everyday for so many years because I felt guilty if I failed to talk to her for a few minutes each day. Her house was about 400 miles away and I couldn’t visit her very often.

Last Tuesday I visited her. She was so frail that I almost cried to see her in that condition. She had been sick . On Wednesday I borrowed a friend’s car and took her to see a doctor of her choice.

For three days I helped her  take the medications. For three nights I slept with her in one bedroom and warmed some food when she was hungry at night.On Thursday I took her to visit her sister-in-law, to whom she was very close.

On Friday morning I took the bus home and reached home rather late. Once at home I called her to say that I was safe at home. She was upset that I had to endure an unpleasant journey.

On Saturday morning, at seven o’clock, I called her. I could speak to her only for a few seconds because she put down the phone.Then I couldn’t get her on line again as the handset was off the hook. I called a brother to look at the phone but he refused. At twelve noon,as I was driving the car into the garage my brother called to inform that mother was having breathing difficulties.A few minutes later he called again to inform me that mother was gone forever. I cried for a long time.I regretted coming back home. I felt ,for a while, that God was unfair to me. God should at least made me stay back another day. I loved my mother more than anybody else, except my son and my wife, in this world.

My head was still ringing with her words,” I had cake on mother’s day” when she never bothered with mother’s day all her life .

My mother brought me into this world. It is painful to lose someone you love. I pray God will give her a place in heaven.

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Hari Raya Diary

So lonely without Mama and you.


On Saturday evening I went to uncle Darul’s house at 8pm. Nobody really bothered about me. Only Hanim and Yusuf invited me to eat. There was no plate, spoon and glass on the table. I know what to do when they come to our house……At least the rest should show some respect to me. I ate little and went home.


First Raya I went over to my friend’s home at 10am for breakfast. Then I mad a stop-over at Uncle Darul’s house. UD was asleep. I went home after about 20 minutes without eating anything there. I was still upset about last night.


Tell Mama. Sebastian and his wife Theresa came to visit me at 4pm yesterday. I served them the tarts you made direct from the bottles. I gave them “Twister” orange juice to drink. They brought apples and oranges and I dumped them into the fridge.


Uncle Sulaiman and Untie Zarina came to the house at 1pm. They brought muruku, two types of tart ,kerepek ubi (chips) and some frozen beef rendang. I heated the rendang in the small kuali. Then I cooked rice but I have not eaten yet.


(Raining heavily now for two hours already. What a relief, no need to water the garden.)


Yesterday again. I boiled some chick peas (kacang kuda). Unfortunately I put in an overdose of salt. I already put in the salt before boiling but I put salt again because I thought I had not added salt yet. Silly of me, I should have tasted the water first! The result was that the peas were too salty to be eaten.


I reinstalled the alarm to the front doors so that I could sleep peacefully. I slept with the Qur’an under the pillow so that the ghosts won’t disturb me. The ghosts always put me to act in horror movies and I am always the victim of their pranks. One day, maybe, we could record the dreams and show them on Utube as instant horror clips.


Thank you for looking after Mama. Tell Mama I love her though she may love me less.


Give my regards to your Dad and Mama.

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Is there ever a peaceful demostration when it was sponsored by DAP, PKR< PAS and politically biased Ngos?

I remember reading a post in THe Star by a columnist who suggested that the

Bersih 3 group should be allowed to use Merdeka Square as the venue for their

illegal demonstrations.  He said the demonstion would be a peaceful one and

it would last only for two hours.  He tought he was being reasonable , liberal and


I just couldn’t understand why there were still reporters who were misguided and

able to swallow lies from the organizers.

What happened at Merdeka Square did not potray the leaders of the opposition

and their “crony” Ngos leaders as persons of integrity .They were of low morality and

largely untrustworthy. They urged their insane followers to resort to violent voilent

and gangstarism.

Anwar Ibrahim, Azmin Ali, Mahfuz , Ambiga and many others are humans of the

worst kind to be found in Malaysia.

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I couldn’t weld aluminum with oxyacetylene.

They say it is possible to well or braze aluminum casting with an oxyacetylene welding equipment and a flux coated aluminum filler rod.

I wanted to repair (or rather fill up) a pencil size hole on the oil pan of my son’s car engine. The oil pan was situated so low under the car chassis that it was holed when one tyre hit a pothole.

I have seen any one welding aluminum casting using an oxyavetylene torch but I had a feeling I could do it. If it could not be done there wouldn’t be any aluminum filler rod on sale. I bought one rod whic was about three feet long and that cost me Rm4.50.

After cleaning the area around the pencil size hole at the bottom of the oilpan with sandpaper I lighted the torch and adjusted it for a reducing flame. As it was impossible to know that the area around the hole had reached the appropriate temprature I introduced the tip of the rod into the flame . The rod melted but it just wouldn’t stick to the surface of the aluminum casting. Glubules of molten aluminum just just balled up and fell through the hole.

By this time the whole casting was too hot for me to clean up the area around the hole again

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