Is there ever a peaceful demostration when it was sponsored by DAP, PKR< PAS and politically biased Ngos?

I remember reading a post in THe Star by a columnist who suggested that the

Bersih 3 group should be allowed to use Merdeka Square as the venue for their

illegal demonstrations.  He said the demonstion would be a peaceful one and

it would last only for two hours.  He tought he was being reasonable , liberal and


I just couldn’t understand why there were still reporters who were misguided and

able to swallow lies from the organizers.

What happened at Merdeka Square did not potray the leaders of the opposition

and their “crony” Ngos leaders as persons of integrity .They were of low morality and

largely untrustworthy. They urged their insane followers to resort to violent voilent

and gangstarism.

Anwar Ibrahim, Azmin Ali, Mahfuz , Ambiga and many others are humans of the

worst kind to be found in Malaysia.

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