I love my mother

Dear Roberts,
My mother passed away on Saturday ,18th April (last week) I lost one person I loved so much since my childhood days. We had been very close. I phoned her every morning, everyday for so many years because I felt guilty if I failed to talk to her for a few minutes each day. Her house was about 400 miles away and I couldn’t visit her very often.

Last Tuesday I visited her. She was so frail that I almost cried to see her in that condition. She had been sick . On Wednesday I borrowed a friend’s car and took her to see a doctor of her choice.

For three days I helped her  take the medications. For three nights I slept with her in one bedroom and warmed some food when she was hungry at night.On Thursday I took her to visit her sister-in-law, to whom she was very close.

On Friday morning I took the bus home and reached home rather late. Once at home I called her to say that I was safe at home. She was upset that I had to endure an unpleasant journey.

On Saturday morning, at seven o’clock, I called her. I could speak to her only for a few seconds because she put down the phone.Then I couldn’t get her on line again as the handset was off the hook. I called a brother to look at the phone but he refused. At twelve noon,as I was driving the car into the garage my brother called to inform that mother was having breathing difficulties.A few minutes later he called again to inform me that mother was gone forever. I cried for a long time.I regretted coming back home. I felt ,for a while, that God was unfair to me. God should at least made me stay back another day. I loved my mother more than anybody else, except my son and my wife, in this world.

My head was still ringing with her words,” I had cake on mother’s day” when she never bothered with mother’s day all her life .

My mother brought me into this world. It is painful to lose someone you love. I pray God will give her a place in heaven.

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